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Aqua-Terra offers full drum removal services for all non-hazardous soil and liquids. Our experienced staff will work with your Project Managers to obtain the necessary information to prepare waste profiles and shipping manifests. In those cases when drums have deteriorated and are unsafe for transport, Aqua-Terra can provide over-pack drums. This method will allow the safe handling of the drums and alleviate environmental concerns.

Aqua-Terra’s Treatment Storage Disposal Facility located in Oxford Georgia, receives non-hazardous soils in drums and then places the soil in specially designed filter roll-off boxes. Free liquids that percolate through the soil are collected and treated at our facility. When the moisture content of the soil has been sufficiently reduced, it is transported to a Subtitle D landfill. These steps are completed on a concrete contained area under cover, and all drums are recycled.

Drums containing petroleum contact water (PCW) are treated at Aqua-Terra’s facility using a six (6) step process that includes air stripping and bio-digestion.

Aqua-Terra provides its customers a copy of the manifest, a certificate of disposal for soils and a certificate of treatment for liquids upon final disposition of the waste.

Aqua-Terra’s Drum Removal Services include disposal of the following:

  • Well Development Water
  • UST Rinse Water
  • Compressor Condensate
  • Containment Farm and Storm Water
  • Drill Cuttings
  • Soil