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Prior to demolition, Aqua-Terra’s team of professionals will fully inspect each structure and prepare a risk analysis before deciding on the best course of action for your site. Our approach to the demolition activities will save you time and money. You can also take comfort in the fact that you are going “green” by reducing waste.

Aqua-Terra will customize its services to meet the customers needs while complying with applicable industry regulations. With safety being a top priority, you can be confident that the equipment and methods implemented are being handled by the most experienced personnel. We can assist in all phases of excavation, demolition and clean up of your work site, from the beginning to the end. Aqua-Terra has your demolition needs covered with its cost effective solutions.

Aqua-Terra’s Demolition Services include:

  • Break and Removal of Concrete
  • Asbestos Testing and Abatement
  • Structural Demolition
  • Partial Dismantling
  • Excavation
  • Material Recycling
  • Disaster Relief and Debris Removal