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Aqua-Terra Recycling and Treatment (Aqua-Terra) was established in 1997 to provide treatment and disposal services for petroleum contaminated water and soil. Prior to start up of operations, Aqua-Terra obtained an industrial wastewater permit issued by Newton County Water and Sewer Authority of Covington, Georgia. We are proud to offer our customers a treatment facility that has a perfect permit compliance record, not even a single Notice of Violation (NOV).

To better serve our customers, Aqua-Terra has expanded into a full service environmental company. We are able to provide demolition, waste management, industrial cleaning, UST/AST removals, vacuum truck services, drum removal and emergency response services. Our team of professionals include; engineers, chemists, geologists, industrial hygienists, environmental consultants and safety professionals, all of which are 40-hour OSHA trained. Whether facing day to day challenges or long term projects, our team of professionals have the experience, knowledge, training and background to handle our customer’s needs in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

Aqua-Terra is committed to working with our clients to achieve cost effective results and provide quality environmental and waste management services.